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I thought we were just hiring a caterer for our daughter's wedding reception, but we ended up hiring a full-service event planner when we teamed up with Cal. Not only did he go above and beyond with the reception food, he orchestrated the flowers, rentals, floor plan, and so much more! The confidence I had in Cal and his staff allowed me to be fully engaged and present during this special time! 

-Laura O.

We have worked with Cal and his crew for 16 years at the Aiken Steeplechase. These parties were absolutely fabulous down to the tiniest details. Delicious food, exquisite decorations (a different theme for every single party), beautiful flowers, and the knowledge that Cal could handle any situation. I cannot stress enough that you can trust Cal to put on the VERY best party ever no matter what…wedding, Christmas, company party, you name it! When my daughter gets married it will be Cal that puts on the wedding of a lifetime.

-Georgianna C.

My family attended a friend's wedding recently and everything was so beautiful and the food was absolutely delicious! The entire set up was so well thought out and put together. The floral arrangements were breathtaking! Our friend spoke very highly of Cal and his staff during the entire planning of the event and said he relieved so much of their stress and allowed them to focus on the bride! Highly recommend Cal for any catering or event needs!!

-Lynn G.